MAY 2016

Vastu Tips for Choosing A New House in Ahmedabad

One would wish to invest in their dream home and settle down well in life.  People also check on a lot many things before they actually get into buying their dream home.  The facing of the main entrance of the home, the number of thresholds in the house (they got to be even numbered only).  Vastu actually is a science too.  Vastu Shastra, aka science of architecture, suggests some tips and remedies for ensuring well being, prosperity and happiness of the residents. 

If it is an independent house then you should ensure that the entire site is in perfect shape, either a proper square or a rectangle.  Any angular protrusions are not considered to be good for the residents, except of course an extension on the north eastern side.

Here are a few vastu tips that are considered to be good for all:

  • A north or northeastern entrance is considered ideal anytime.  The logic behind this suggestion is that the early morning sun rays entering the house are healthy and are a rich source of vitamin D.
  • The kitchen has to be located in the southeast region of the house as that is the place that is governed by fire element. 
  • Washrooms must be planned only towards the south or south west corners of the house.
  • The north east corner of the house/site/apartment should not have any heavy items and it has to be left open.  This corner governs the water element.  Generally having a water body in this side is considered to be good. 
  • The master bedroom has to be positioned in the south west corner of the house.  The kids’ room can be positioned in the north eastern side too.
  • If the entrance of the apartment/house faces a road, it is not a good sign.  Generally, installing an idol of Lord Ganesha is a solution to ward off the evils brought about by this feature.

There are numerous such tips available but incorporating everything is not possible.  One can consider the most important tips and ensure that there is adequate flow of air, water and ventilation.


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